My name is Indah Dwi Puspitasari, and Pipit is my nickname. A 22 years old girl who was born in Semarang, then spending her childhood in not-so-little-city-anymore in Middle Java, Purwokerto and then now lives in Bandung, Indonesia. Perhaps next year she will be in other city or even other country. Who knows?

Des Mädchens Tagebuch means A Girl's Diary in German. It is a personal blog that built since 2011, but the writer, me, was too insecure to do some write. And this year, in this September 2017 to be exact, I want to try to write again and rebuild this 6 years-old-blog. I will write and post all things that I love to you guys, that means about fashion, lifestyle, local brand and could be about travel.